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•The Effects of Health Inequities on Overall Wellness
•The Impact of stress on health and wellness
•Invisible Disabilities, the Silent Majority
•Diet and how it affects your health risk 
•The negative effects of sugar on the body
•Covid-19 Myths and Facts
•Lack of sleep and how it affects your health
•Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep and Natural Remedies To Help
•Herbs known to Boost Your Immune System
•How Your Diet Impacts Your Emotional Stress
•Health disparities in black women

Clinical Support

Dr Stephanie Moss

Dr. Stephanie received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy and a Masters of Health Services Administration with a concentration in Health Economics from The University of Wyoming. She is not a traditional pharmacist. For twenty years she has been focused on managed care, health economics and outcomes research and health equity.


She is the creator of www.drstephanieyomo.com where you will find practical health and wellness tips, ways to reduce health care disparities and simple ideas for health and wellness professionals to create meaningful content.


For nearly two decades, Dr. Stephanie has served on various boards and volunteer organizations that focus on health equity, decreasing implicit bias, addressing social determinants of health and empowering communities to advocate for their health. She has served on the boards for The Minority Health Coalition of Marion and Eskenazi Health Center where she is currently the Clinical Quality Committee Chair and Board Secretary.